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3D4D by Chicago Sculpture International opens a new art space in Bucktown

Bucktown, Chicago, IL, April 1, 2021 - Chicago Sculpture International, the Chicago chapter of the International Sculpture Center, is opening an art space at 1912 N. Damen. The storefront will become the home of 3D4D by CSI focusing on sculpture including time-based and performance art.

On April 16, 2021 the space will host a ribbon cutting ceremony with co-hosted, Wicker Park-Bucktown Chamber of Commerce.

3D4D by CSI is an experimental art space run by artists with the mission of showcasing fresh perspectives through unique programming. 3D4D aims specifically to engage young emerging artists and curators whose work drives attention to current issues affecting our society. Community philanthropy is embedded in all programs.

The art space opens on April 23 with a retrospective exhibition of the late Ron Gard’s work, “Nexus Between Spaces.” Gard was a member of Chicago Sculpture International since 2010 and created impressive outdoor sculpture, currently on display with the Chicago Park District. “Often observations of the world around me, or testing the limits of a material get me started. I’m always motivated, though, by the way shapes relate to each other and the tension in a negative space”- Ron Gard.

3D4D by CSI is under the direction of Chicago based artists, composed of women, LGBTQ+ and people of color.

Pia Cruzalegui will lead the new space as 3D4D’s Art Director, Bryan Northup is Marketing and Communications Director with, Gwen Yen Chiu as Social Media Manager, and Emily Moorhead-Wallace directing the Education and Outreach programming.

The staff will host curated indoor exhibitions, offer educational programming for professional visual artists as well as the general public, while partnering with local social service agencies and diverse philanthropic organizations.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday, April 16, 4 pm - Ribbon cutting ceremony

  • Friday, April 23 through Saturday, June 5, 3D4D - “Nexus Between Spaces” by Ron Gard

    • This exhibition will feature small and medium sculptures, as well as a digital display highlighting Ron’s artistic legacy.

    • 3D4D by CSI’s opening will coincide with the International Sculpture Center’s International Sculpture Day, #ISDay.

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