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Partnership with ProjectArt

3D4D by CSI announces a partnership with New York based art education foundation ProjectArt.

The partnership allows both artists and youth, opportunities for mentoring and greater visibility and recognition for their work. 3D4D will be involved in exhibiting artist instructors and student’s work in the gallery in the summer of 2022. The partnership will allow broader reach for both organization’s remote art education curriculum.

ProjectArt a leading out-of-school and residency program for artists and underserved K-12 students, provides innovative, creative, and effective approaches to teaching and learning through the visual arts in partnership with public libraries from coast to coast. Through the organization's arts and social practice residency in the public library, artists create new artwork and mentor youth who do not receive adequate access to art education.

ProjectArt defines underserved as those lacking adequate access to art programs and cultural opportunities because of economic conditions, race or ethnic background, geography, disability, abuse, or neglect.

ProjectArt has a strong interest in projects that provide students with opportunities to think critically, problem-solve, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively as they mature into young adults.

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