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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Bucktown, Chicago, IL, April 19, 2021 - Chicago Sculpture International (CSI) new art space 3D4D by CSI, at 1912 N Damen, opens its first exhibition on Friday April 23, a retrospectiveof the late Ron Gard’s work, “Nexus Between Spaces”.

The exhibition will feature Gard’s small and medium sculptures, as well as a digital display highlighting Ron’s artistic legacy. 3D4D by CSI’s first opening reception is Friday April 23, 6-9pm and was planned to coincide with the International Sculpture Center’s International Sculpture Day, #ISDay, on April 24. The exhibit will run six weeks through June 5, 2021.

“Often observations of the world around me, or testing the limits of a material get me started. I’m always motivated, though, by the way shapes relate to each other and the tension in a negative space” - Ron Gard.

Ron, a well-known local Chicago Sculptor, passed away in 2019. Gard was a member of Chicago Sculpture International since 2010 and a long-time board member of CSI. Ron had been making sculpture since 1977, and his work has been exhibited throughout the country. He was a large contributor for multiple Chicago public sculpture shows, including the famous Chicago Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit, 2012-2013, hosted by the Chicago Park District. A man of many passions, he was not only an accomplished sculptor, but he was also a big figure in the film and design industries, designing and producing a wide array of props and furniture. One of his iconic projects was his work on the set for the film, Superman: Man of Steel.

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