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3D4D Artist Residency Journal for
Permutations of Working Together


September 2021


Day 1-6 – Made sketchbook drawings to determine project design and measurements and gather materials (different colored garden hoses, rope, duct tape, screws, drills, measuring tape, pencil, flanges, copper fittings and faucets, metal strapping, vinyl gear ties). 


Day 7-11 – Started drawing on wall with rope taking the place of the hose set the location for the hose, using duct tape to hold it on the wall (which is easier and quicker to work with than the garden hose), then traced around the rope onto the wall with a pencil as a guide of where to place the garden hose.


Day 12-21 – Installed flanges, faucets and measured and cut the yellow hose (longer than the final length to make sure there was enough when it was finally cut). Once the final length was determined the brass female fittings were installed in the end, so that it could be attached to faucets at both ends. The green hose was installed next, in the same manner, then the brown ones and finally the orange ones. There was a lot of measuring and redoing the hose placement, to get both sides of the symmetrical design even since things did not match up with the original drawing and placement of the hose needed to be redone and re-measured quite frequently. The whole process took twice as long as anticipated. 

Day 22-24 – Sam And Victoria worked collaboratively on a third piece. He added leather boots and leather scrap pieces, an LED light and aluminum wire and Victoria experimented using different colored extension cords, a broom, a watering can, artificial plants, garden hose, a construction light and a blender. Victoria’s assistant Spencer found a bird’s nest and they added that to the mix. They titled it “Haphazard Summer.”

Process Photos by Victoria Fuller

Process Photos by Sam Schwindt

Collaborative Work

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