Educational Outreach


CSI and 3D4D are developing community outreach programming to serve areas around and beyond 3D4D Gallery's physical space. These cost-free workshops are virtual and involve CSI member working artists who create activities for all ages to engage. Seeking cross-generational participation, we promote art as an educational tool and way to connect communities through overarching inclusivity. We extend the importance of art and creative thinking into various sectors of the Chicagoan landscape,
to break down barriers that typically separate individuals of different backgrounds/experience in universal celebration of art.


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"Nature Inside Out"

Gunjan Kumar


This workshop focuses on our engagement with nature as we aim to sensitize ourselves to the environment. International artist, Gunjan Kumar, invites participants to collect materials from their immediate environment that will be interwoven with techniques of art-making that have existed for centuries, across various cultures and geographies. The workshop aims to bring awareness to some of nature’s core principles and our interconnectedness with them.


"Latin American Tales:
The Magic of Storytelling and Art"

Pia Cruzalegui

"Your Artwork has been Accepted... Now what?"

Take a cultural dive into Latin American folktales!


In this workshop, young artists will experience a Latin American tale, a presentation by author Michael Zapata on the importance of stories with a little history on Incan and Mayan storytelling. Then participants will make a collaborative story and create a mixed media artwork related to their story.


"Your Artwork has been Accepted... Now what?"

Andi Crist


Pack it, ship it, install it: Led by independent art handler and artist, Andi Crist, this workshop will dive into the details of preparing artwork to exhibit, securing it for transportation, and discuss resources for getting the job done right. This workshop will feature packing details for 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional artworks.


"Have Your Art & Eat It Too"

Janet Austin

"Your Artwork has been Accepted... Now what?"

It’s a feast for your mouth and your eyes! With inspiration from Giuseppe Arcimboldo painting, The Gardener, make a food art sculpture led by 3D4D artist Janet Austin.


"You Can't Eat That!"

Bryan Northup


Explore art-making with single-use plastics while we pretend to be sushi chefs! Students will discover the possibilities and process of making Plastishimi, transforming everyday “trash” into edible looking artwork worthy of your wall. The instructor will offer brief demonstrations on techniques originated in his art practice and guide the group while they create a small sushi themed wall relief or small sculpture.