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3D4D by CSI is an experimental art space run by artists with the intent to develop broader reach and engagement with the community, bringing fresh perspectives through community oriented programming. 3D4D aims specifically to engage young emerging artists whose work drives attention to current issues affecting our society. With this in mind, 3D4D seeks proposals from curators and instructors.

Call for Outside Curators

Curatorial  Residency:

With the aim of encouraging curatorial research in tandem with exhibition planning, 3D4D by Chicago Sculpture International requests proposals from independent curators for 3 groups exhibitions in 2021. Curators shall consider working with current CSI artists as well as emerging-non-CSI-affiliated for two of the shows. A third show aims at curating a solo show by a CSI artist. Each group show runs 6 weeks unless noted. A modest stipend of is available. 

3D4D provides guidance and resources to the selected curator, who produces a group exhibition with related public programming and an accompanying exhibition catalogue. The selected curator will receive valuable mentor support from an established artist or curator on the selection panel, including installation guidance in preparation for the exhibition. The curator will be awarded a $500 honorarium.

Proposals are evaluated on merit of project, singularity of concept, and adherence to the application guidelines. All applications submitted will be considered final and treated as such. Applicants will not be permitted to add or edit an application once it has been submitted. All incomplete or duplicate applications will be disqualified.


  • Proposals must be conceptually rigorous and focus on artists, projects, and themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging.

  • Proposals must be conceptually rigorous and focus on artists, projects, and themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging.

  • Extra consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate a creative approach to curatorial research methods and the exhibition plan, as well as those that present ideas or topics that are not well-represented.

  • The proposal must include four or more artists, half of whom must qualify as under-recognized (no gallery representation and no solo exhibitions in a major venue within the past five years).

  • Curators may not include their own work in the exhibition.

  • The curator and all proposed artists must live and work in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa or Missouri

  • Extra consideration will be given to those in the beginning stages of their curatorial careers.

  • 3D4D strongly encourages applications that contribute to our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

  • The strongest proposals are those that are flexible and have room for growth—as such, a proposed exhibition that has already been shown elsewhere will not be considered as strong an exhibition as one in which the curator is seeking to build upon previous work.


  • Six-week exhibition at 3D4D in 2021

  • Curatorial support/mentoring from an established artist or curator on the selection panel

  • Opportunities to develop related public programming

  • Virtual catalogue with essay produced by local art critic

  • 500.00 unrestricted honorarium

  • Opening reception

  • Press materials and PR support

There are two exhibitions scheduled for the remainder of 2021, and 3 to 4 exhibitions programmed for 2022. Each show is 6 weeks of duration unless otherwise noted. Curators will be responsible for presenting a talk or artist panel event, generate writing for the exhibit, and work with themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging.


Call for Pre-recorded Workshops and
In-Person Instructors

3D4D by Chicago Sculpture International requests proposals from instructors for workshops for our community outreach and professional series. 3D4D seeks to work with two distinctive groups from children to adults:

Art Aficionado Series: Workshops can include anything from silkscreening to meditation and be geared towards children, teens or adults.

Professional Development Series: Workshops for public artists with topics like Social Media for Artists, How to Create Digital Portfolios, Software for Sculptural Applications, Grant writing, Other Funding Sources, Legal Knowledge and Documentation (contracts, documentation..)

Other areas of focus will be considered but should fall into one of the above interest groups and tie into 3D and 4D art somehow.

Instructors interested in submitting pre-recording sessions will be required to self produce their workshop lessons. We will broadcast the content through our web teaching platform.

In-person instruction will be planned for (2022).


3D4D Team (CSI members)

Call for Communications Manager: This position would manage the contacts (email list in Google contacts), actively seeks out new contacts to add to list, send email communication to various segments of our contact list (thank yous to donors, news updates, etc), help write and send press releases, write copy as needed.

Call for Grant Writer and Fundraising: This position will research NPO grants, manage a list of applicable grant sources for 3D4D, write narratives and collect required materials to apply, attend grant related events, help write applications and follow up reporting.


Special Media Artists to Consign Work

Call for Neon Artist to display one piece (approx 24" x 24") in the storefront window at 1912 N Damen. Consignment terms, 60/40

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